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Since 2009 The Future Cities Institute has been working with Microsoft and local, regional and national governments to support the development of digital economies, improve engagement with both citizens and enterprises and accelerate innovation in local economies. This has included delivering the following activities across Microsoft and its partner ecosystem globally:

  • Digital Economy Development Workshop: Georgian Innovation and Technology Agency (GITA), Tbilisi, Georgia, May 2015
  • Presenter and facilitator, CityNext Promo at Intelligent Cities Summit (with Orlando Ayala Key Note) 2013
  • Presenter and facilitator, City Innovations APAC Public Sector ‘Rainmaker’ Partner Airlift 2013
  • Presenter and facilitator, Microsoft Innovation Centre Summit. Palma Mallorca Spain 2012
  • Presenter, World Bank Urban Knowledge Platform Summit, Barcelona with WWPS 2012
  • LSE benchmarking and Microsoft Innovation Center business planning, Middle East. Microsoft Kuwait and Kuwait Government Agency NTEC. 2011
  • Building Software Industries: Best Practices and Tools for Economic Growth via Local Software Economies. 3rd African Union ICT Ministerial Summit, Abuja, Nigeria 2010
  • Presenter and facilitator, Microsoft Innovation Centers Summit , Silicon Valley 2010
  • Turkish Workshop for Software Entrepreneurs designed to help stimulate the local economy 2010
  • Bangkok Workshop to help build a Local Software Economy 2010
  • Presenter and Facilitator on ‘Innovation Management and Innovation Center Business Planning’ - Microsoft MIC Summit 2009