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Gold Coast Innovation Centre Audit


On behalf of the Gold Coast City Council Economic Development Unit (Business Gold Coast), The Future Cities Institute was engaged in 2010 to undertake a review of the Gold Coast Innovation Centre (GCIC), with a particular emphasis on the operational model, and economic impact of the centre to the local economy since its establishment. This project included:

  1. Reviewing the existing operations of the Gold Coast Innovation Centre including funding model and KPI’s.
  2. Reviewing the GCIC Strategic Overview (May 2010) proposal provided by the GCIC board. 
  3. Providing an assessment and recommendation report of future model for the centre including:
  • Economic impact to date, and  potential future economic impact, of the GCIC
  • Partner funding level to sustain effective levels of operation
  • Review of impact of available Gross Floor Area (GFA) to the centre and recommended levels of desirable GFA to optimise operational scale, delivery of future potential benefits and impact on on-going funding requirements
  • Alternative operational models to achieve economic development objectives
  • Recommended KPI’s for centre operations to be measured against