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NZ Cities Summit 2012


This week  Malcolm Fraser, CEO of the Future Cities Institute will be chairing the NZ Cities Summit 2012 being held in Auckland, New Zealand. Looks like it’s going to be a great event, with a top line-up of speakers and discussion panels, including; Hamilton Mayor – Julie Hardaker, Tauranga Mayor – Stuart Crosby, Auckland Deputy Mayor – Penny Hulse, Ludo Campbell-Reid – Auckland Council, Rohan MacMahon – Crown Fibre Holdings, Louise Marra – Ministry of Economic Development and Brett O’Riley – ATEED…to name just a few. View the program here.

Malcolm will be presenting on “Cities – Hubs of Local innovation within National Economies” which looks at how cities support the complex interactions of people, ideas, innovation and knowledge creation throughout an economy and the role of entrepreneurs and urban based innovation ecosystems in supporting national competitiveness.