Collaborative Innovation Networks

According to the World Economic Forum, Collaborative Innovation is enabling the discovery of new ideas, new approaches, new people and new organisations that were previously unknown to individual institutions and firms and can sustainably contribute to economic growth by commercializing productivity-enhancing inventions and processes that make better use of a region’s labour and capital.

Also, world public authorities are also now recognising the value of collaborative innovation and prefer to favour funding inter-firm/inter-institutional co-operation rather than to provide direct financial assistance and have laid increasing emphasis on inter-firm collaboration in advanced technology and funding collaborative research/innovation activities, programs and infrastructures.

In these 'Networks' of Collaborative Innovation The Future Cities Institute acts as a Innovation broker, or "curator" in a relatively impartial third-party position to help create successful collaborative projects by connecting stakeholders and facilitating interaction/cooperation that extends throughout the innovation ecosystem for the long term benefits of all network members.

Collaborative Innovation Network Examples