Disruptive Technologies and Public Sector Innovation

Hybrid Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, Wearables, Internet of Things and Virtual Reality technologies are just some pf the ‘disruptive’ technologies that are changing how people communicate, connect, and consume content.

The coming decade will be one of the most challenging times for all forms of government and public-sector organisations as they look to leverage these technologies and strive to deliver more for less, all the while still meeting the needs of an ageing and more demanding population.

The opportunity for technology enabled innovation lies in the evolution of citizen & employee behaviour, values, and expectations and at the Future Cities Institute we take a pragmatic approach to:

  • Insights: Identifying opportunities (and roadblocks) for Public Sector Leaders to make new thinking & innovation based on disruptive technologies work for their organisations. See our Themes and Applied Research Activities.
  • Art of the Possible: Translating these opportunities into a reality with our Digital Advisory Services to that formalizes the digital vision for Public Sector organisations to provide an actionable road-map that manages both transformation and change.