Digital Transformation

The coming decade will be one of the most challenging times for all forms of government and public-sector organisations as they look to leverage digital technologies and strive to deliver more for less, all the while still meeting the needs of an ageing and more demanding population.

At the Future Cities Institute, we take a client-focused approach to facilitating collaborations between academia and industry in local economies to support:

  • Governance of Transformation and Change, by working with elected officials, board members and senior leadership teams to help them design and implement their digital transformation ambitions for their local economies.
  • Workforce Development, by coordinating active input from businesses and industry associations into digital curriculum development and course content to ensure relevance to key industries present in the local economy
  • Industry Engagement, helping higher education institutes to find industry partners and build relationships that identify opportunities collaborative research, consulting and informal relationships for university–industry knowledge transfer.

Example Projects: