Jump Starts: Activating Collaboration Innovation

Informed by pragmatic industry experience and insights from research, Jump Starts activate ‘Collaborative Innovation’ across industry alliances and research/academic partnerships to help transform local industry.

In 2016, The Future Cities Institute established its first Jump Start as an innovation pop-up hub in the heart of Palmerston North City (New Zealand) that:

  • acted as a focal point for a series of industry, and community engagement activities that can help digitally transform local industries of national and international importance.
  • facilitated stakeholder engagement from both the private and public sector, across the themes of agriculture, the future of work, community engagement and smart cities, and
  • allowed the various stakeholders to identify and execute opportunities for economic and social development.

An example outcome from this original Jump Start was the AgTech Hackathon that connected farmers with smart on-farm solutions to enable the farming community to present every day on-farm opportunities and challenges to technology experts, who then creatively solve these problems drawing on their hardware and software programming skills.

See https://www.hackathonmanawatu.nz/