Centre for Public Sector Innovation (Asia Pacific)

Our Centre for Public-Sector Innovation (Asia Pacific) was established in early 2018 in response to the growing need by local governments and public-sector organisations for innovative ways to enhance the design and delivery of their services using a citizen centric (CX) approach.

This requires a safe-harbour for collaboration where citizens, government, industry and academic stakeholders can come together to design, prototype and implement innovative new public services that make a very real and positive impact on people’s lives.

The program builds off our work globally over the last decade with innovation centres, incubators and programs from the private sector, and aligns with the emerging international community of professionals and academics practicsing and studying the work of public sector innovation. The Centre for Public Sector Innovation focus on three core pillars:

  • Applied Research: Undertaking applied research in Innovation, Transformation and Change for public-sector organisations to inform the development new models of governance/management for collaborative public-private partnerships and citizen centric (CX) design.
  • Design Workshops: Bringing together different disciplines and approaches from design, science, technology and business to co-create innovative new services and products for public sector, enabled by Digital Technologies and supported by these new governance and management models.
  • Collaboration and Change Support: Providing independent collaboration and change management design, facilitation and support services to public sector organisations for their digital transformations and collaborations with industry.

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