Public Services Innovation

Everyday local governments, higher education institutions and managers from across the public sector strive to meet the ever-evolving needs and demands of citizens, communities and local businesses while trying to run their cities more efficiently.

Many face shrinking budgets, limited resources, outdated infrastructure and rigorous regulatory requirements, confounded with the need to match the increasing speed of change in their urban environments.

The opportunity to address these challenges with digitally enabled services lies in a practice-driven approach that facilitates and fosters collaborative innovation, in a real-life arenas where both user focused innovation processes can be studied and subjected to experimentation using a design led approach. At the Future Cities Institute we take a pragmatic approach to:

  • Insights: Identifying opportunities (and roadblocks) for Public Sector Leaders to make new thinking & services innovation based on disruptive technologies work for their organisations. See our Themes and Applied Research Activities.
  • Art of the Possible: Translating these opportunities into a reality with our Digital Public Services Innovation Labs that help formalizes the digital vision for Public Sector organisations and provide an actionable road-map that addresses both transformation and change.

With our partners that include industry, government, NGOs and urban innovation communities, we can help cities to solve real world challenges, contact us now.